Putin, the master of chess-diplomacy

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A few days ago, Putin’s reaction to the shutdown of his bomber jet by Turkey in Syrian airspace became the big question of the moment. Many feared a strong reaction from Putin that could have sparkled the outbreak of the 3rd and last World War. Nevertheless, expect such reaction implies a total ignorance about Putin’s expertise and strategy in the geopolitical chessboard, and denotes a huge distraction towards all the recent attempts that US (and its vassal states of the EU and company) has created to invite Russia into a world war, which Putin has always been capable to avoid wisely, taking advantage also, in this process, to attack the king in the geopolitical chessboard with several of his pieces.

Therefore, contrary to what his most euphoric fans could have imagined, Putin will barely react. The Russians have been showing common sense in foreign policy and diplomacy in the past 25 years. Humbling themselves and going often against their own interests for the sake of world peace. The US bullying has prevailed, while Putin has preferred the binomial peace/Russian-humiliation rather than war/Russian-pride.

Recently things have changed and Russians tend to take its logical place on the global chessboard. Then, yes, it’s complicated to manage the latest developments: a Russian civilian aircraft shut down by (Western) terrorism called ISIS (in Egypt), sabotage of electricity in Crimea (Russian) on the eve of winter by the Neo-Nazi Right Sector group sponsored by the Ukrainian government and now, to get off the scale, the troglodyte Erdoğan ordered the shutdown of a helpless Russian bomber during its counter-terrorist mission in the skies of Syria! What else to say? The truth is that, with US anti-missile shield in Poland, the Czech Republic and Romania pointing to Russia, with NATO’s intervention troops literally at the EU-Russia borders (particularly in Estonia), with the US/IMF coup d’etat in Ukraine and the sponsorship of terrorism in Syria, the US, for several years, has been pushing Russia towards a global conflict! Nothing new under the sun.

The only “fair” and sovereign reaction would be to bomb military targets in Turkey and force its leaders to make official apologies as a humiliating measure. Knowing that the Russian peaceful sense do not appreciate world wars, the Russians will not do it, and that’s good, good for human kind! The Russians could play a dirty game by training and help hypothetical Kurdish or Armenian guerrillas in a terrorist logic, as a dirty retaliatory action. But those who know the Russian geopolitical history also know it would never happen. The Russians are very pragmatic and more sensible than our West in this matter, they know that create terrorism turns out to be the best way to suffer from terrorism, which the US and its vassals love to ignore. For instance, let’s look at Al Qaeda, AlNusra, Boko Haram, AQMI, ISIS and all this terrorist paraphernalia that the West insists on creating even being aware that, eventually, West ends up losing control over any terrorist group it creates! So, I guess we will have peace until the day the wise Russians lose their patience and accept the long western invitation for a world war. On that day we will send back ourselves to the stone age. But not now, since Russian’s and Putin’s patience are far from being over! Fortunately! And it may never happen if, as it seems, Putin’s moves in the planetary chessboard continue to be the right ones.

Putin will react only with verbal threats and economic punishments against Turkey. To the US-NATO he will respond with political, economic and strategic military movements within his allies, acts that he did not dare until now, given the necessary respect towards the US. Now he dares given the clear demonstration of Russian supremacy in an hypothetical conventional World War displayed in the form of modern missiles fired from the Caspian Sea to Syria. Usually we don’t pay attention to these kind of details but, what Russia did with its missiles, was unnecessary from a practical point of view. Certainly, Russians could have attacked the same ISIS targets from a warship or a submarine stationed in Tartus (Syria), or from their military bases on Syrian soil. In my perspective (I can be wrong), the launch of the Caspian missiles was a sort of a Russian Hiroshima&Nagasaki in miniature. I mean, the main objective was not to destroy the factual and momentary enemy, much weaker, but to send a message of supremacy to the other world power. Nuclear bombs were a message of total destruction supremacy from US towards Russia. The Caspian missiles were a conventional supremacy message from Russia towards the US, which, in a world where decision makers wisely refuse the use of nuclear, puts Russia in a position to start giving orders instead of receiving them or, prohibit future US invasions to third parties rather than pragmatically pretend not to see those US invasions!

The US and its partners have been pushing Russia to fall and trigger a third world war. As the great geopolitical-chess master he is, Putin has wisely avoided all the poisoned invitations and, gradually, he has managed to calmly reverse several unfavorable situations. Therefore, now, the Russians are the ones in charge, controlling all confrontational scenarios created by the US (and its vassals) and, they do it so overwhelmingly, that Putin even allow himself to dictate the rules and point the finger to the creators of barbarism, robbery and destruction.

It is important to stress that Putin does it so well that he doesn’t even need to call the beasts by their names in order to be understood by the spectators, demonstrating diplomacy skills completely unknown by the Western politicians. Actually the opposite is truth. France is a glaring example. France wildly assaulted Benghazi with special troops, decimated thousands of Libyan inhabitants of this city, and then its politicians accused Qaddafi of being “genocidal”. France orchestrated and implemented the chemical attack in Ghouta, Syria, and then its politicians labeled Al Assad as a “bloodthirsty”! To clear out this issue I advise to read the article How the Western services fabricated the ’’chemical attack’’ of Ghouta,  by Thierry Meyssan!

How the Western services fabricated the ’’chemical attack’’ of Ghouta

Finally, let’s analyze the major Western acts of pressure toward Russia, which Putin wisely managed to turn in his favor:

Ukraine: The US and its vassal states orchestrated a revolution against the (democratic) regime of Viktor Yanukovych as a punishment for his refusal to sign an economic agreement with the IMF and the US, and for agreeing to sign a strategic economic pact with Russia lead by Putin. Result: The Euromaidan farse. Chechens and Polish mercenaries, as well as Ukrainian guerrillas linked to neo-Nazi groups (Right Sector is an example), created a civilian mini-war in the capital, while our media nicknamed these 3000 bandits as hungry farmers protesting against oppression! Absolutely ludicrous, especially for those who spent the time and energy  necessary to analyze in detail the methods of urban guerrilla, the professional and military equipment used by these “hungry farmers” (such as flammable liquid whose flames are impossible to extinguish, a warlike toy with Pentagon stamp), and so on. The result: the US has settled in Ukraine a puppet economic dictatorship ruled by IMF staff, with foreign ministers from countries such as USA, Lithuania or Georgia, the last ones being 2 foolish puppet states of Washington (to read: Foreign-born ministers in Ukraine’s new cabinet, BBC). 3 hours after the coup d’etat was approved a xenophobic and illegal anti-Russians Constitution (prohibition of speaking Russian in official places, and so on), which triggered the hunting for Russian-witches. Knowing this facts is not a surprise that, in regions where the majority of the inhabitants were ethnic Russians, such as the Donbass Region,  rebellion has naturally emerged.

As for Putin’s strategy: for those who ignore it, Crimea is a Russian territory which was handed over to the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic by the USSR in 1954, most likely for administrative reasons. Look at the map and you will get it. When Putin took control over Russia, back then broken apart, and proposed to rise it again, undoubtedly he had no conditions at all to claim back Crimea. If he had tried to get back Crimea purely by military means, disregarding the sovereignty of a state recognized by the UN, he would have created a global conflict. But Putin is not Obama nor Clinton nor Bush, nor the US president, so he does not suffer pressure from any military-industrial complex that requires regular invasions of sovereign states as a strategy for profit.

That’s why Putin has patiently waited for a future and hypothetical right time to do so. Obama, with his belligerent savagery, was the one who presented Putin with the required conditions to regain Crimea. By triggering the hunt for Russians, Ukrainian thugs and their mercenaries companions invited Putin to comply with the requirement of the Russian constitution to defend the integrity of Russians inside and outside the Russian Federation. Translated into geopolitical chess language: Putin could finally recover the province of Crimea without provoking a world war, ensuring the permanence of its naval base of incalculable strategic value in the Black Sea (the gate to the Mediterranean Sea). Obama planned to make Russia loose its naval base in Crimea, but eventually made Ukraine lose the entire Crimea. Bravo Obama, what a great example of shooting oneself in the foot.

Syria: After the NATOnian barbarism in Libya, the next victim was Syria. Syria has an old defense pact with Russia and both are strategic partners to each other’s, although for different reasons. In the aftermath of Libya, the American barbarian-machine started the assault on Syria with complete impunity, beginning by organizing civil demonstrations with deaths on both sides, a well know old recipe tried for the first time in the Operation Ajax, in which USA overthrew  the democratically elected Prime Minister of Iran Mohammad Mosaddegh and replaced him with the bloody dictator Shah Reza Pahlavi. Since then, the US uses regularly this tool to change regimes. There are dozens of examples, I will share three here: Brazil 1964, Chile 1971, Venezuela 2002.

I argue, although ignoring largely the secretive Russian position in this issue between 2011 and 2014, that Putin has limited his actions to what we all know: initially a shy material assistance to Syrian Armed Forces. Over time, an increase in military aid to Syria that, eventually, even without official recognition, became an inclusion of Russian boots on Syrian ground.

In reaction to the Farce of Ghouta, the dramatized “chemical massacre” that I mentioned above, Putin raised the stakes, settling permanently his navy in the naval base of Tartus (Syria) and sending a clear message to the US: there’s no chance to invade Syria. With the continuous pressure of red lines supposedly crossed by the bloodthirsty Al Assad, and given the Obama’s persistence on invading Syria, Putin came up with a masterstroke. He offered himself to dismantle the Syrian chemical weapons program, with the consent and support of Al Assad, closing once and for all the gates for an US conventional invasion.

In June 2014, the US decided to definitely* install the so called Islamic State in Syria (although they were already present in Syria as earlier as May 2013, according with a Syrian friend who read this article and pointed out the inaccuracy)*, in a new and far-fetched attempt to, no longer conquer Syria, but rather create a Sunni terrorist state in the areas with oil resources. They did the same in Iraq. After having democratically elected their rulers, as the US had imposed, Iraq became ruled by Shia faith followers (the religious majority, elementary mathematics), who implemented a strategic approach towards Iran, also predominantly Shia (an obvious move to everyone except for the thousands of military experts on strategy working at the Pentagon), and implement a detachment from the US. I will never forget the day when the legendary Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran’s president at the time, had the privilege of walking with his open shirt in the streets of Baghdad, the capital of the most dangerous country in the world! Barack Obush (Obama), to go piss, brings 100 bodyguards beside him! And to visit Iraq brings an invasion of Iraq with him, ahah!

The US by using its Islamic state, and Israel by using its vassal state of Iraqi Kurdistan, have proposed and carried out the partition of Iraq into three parts in a few days. Only the Shiites were left without oil, as a punishment for their approach towards Iran! The same happened to Syria’s legitimate government of al-Assad, left with no oil. Oh, not to mention Kuwait, that Iraqi piece of land stolen by the British some decades ago. Now, if everything goes as planned with the US-Israeli predator strategy, Iraq will be left without a single drop of oil, even not the oil of Mosul which was stolen from the Arabs by the Kurds and the Israelis! Shamelessly, we in the West do not dare to talk about this issue, let alone explain it. Because yes, it should be explained that the Kurds of Iraq (which have Israeli support) ostentatiously organize the partition of Iraqi’s oil wealth with the terrorist ISIS (which has the support of US, Turkey, France, UK, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and so on).

12299145_10153867337648777_5023109516906609405_nTaking advantage of the strategic US-Iran agreement signed on July 14th, and without wasting time, Putin officially and ostensibly took control over the defense of the Syrian state by military means. In the 2 months passed since then, Putin’s action abruptly reversed the situation in favor of the legitimate Syrian state, which is ruled by Al Assad, a man democratically elected by Syrian people in mid-2014. This US-Iran agreement implicitly included the pacification of Syria ruled by Assad, a strategic ally to the Iranian regional power. The peace in Syria as a gift to Iran must be understood as a compensation, for this last one, for having accepted to become supposedly the new US protectorate in the region. From now on, USA would expect to successfully divide the Middle East into 2 parts, each one including the strategic allies of 2 regional powers: Iran and Saudi Arabia. Shias in one side, Sunnis in the other. Whatever! I bet those are US hallucinations that Iran, wisely, will not respect, even though Iranian political leaders in a Machiavellian way pretend to consent. In contrary, from the White House come speeches trying to make us believe in the accomplishment of that agreement! Who cares!

Finally, we have the Russian bomber shot down by Turkey in Syrian airspace, an act clearly premeditated by NATO, giving the fact that Russia informed one day in advance the US about the precise location and flying time of the military aircraft destroyed by Turkey. Therefore, Erdoğan makes himself foolish by saying that if he knew the plane was Russian, Turkey would not have shot down it. It is an outstanding nonsense once Erdoğan, in on hand, says so, and in the other hand he affirms that he will continue to shoot down all Russians planes endangering Turkish sovereignty. Even worse,  Erdoğan stated that the future and hypothetical shoot down of a Turkish fighter by the Russian Air Force in Syrian airspace will be considered by Ankara as an Russian act of aggression! Yeah, well. Whatever! From now on, any absurdity is expected to be said by the neo-Pasha! Including saying one thing and do the opposite because, according to Greek and Syrian officials, from the afternoon of November the 25th (the day it was shot down the Turkish bomber) until now, Turkey has not violated the airspace of these two countries again! For those unaware, the average violations of Greek airspace by Turkish fighters is about 10 per day! Or, what about the claim that Russian aircraft bombed an area where there were only civilians? Oh yes, then why the hell the Russian pilot was shot dead by terrorists while falling with a parachute, a fact proven by videos shot with the smartphones of those terrorists? And why the hell the Russian rescue helicopter was destroyed by an American rocket launched by terrorists (supposedly Syrian Turkmens led by a Turkish citizen son of a mayor of a Turkish town) who also filmed the event, which resulted in the death of a Russian marine? Erdoğan, definitely, is mentally handicapped!

But let’s go back to Putin. The Russian President, once again, did not react emotionally or savagely  against the destruction of a Russian bomber, declaring therefore war on Turkey (NATO) and starting a nuclear war, in contradiction of what could be expected by the World Economic Dictatorship so eager for carnage on a global scale. No, he simply ordered to relocate a warship nearby the Turkish southern coast, to disable again the Turkish communications with ultra-modern electronic warfare systems and he brought to Syria, in a record time, the unthinkable: the impenetrable defense system S-400 Triumph! With the introduction of this powerful chess piece, the geopolitical chessboard in Syria reached a complete reversal. If in the early years of the conflict Russia’s aid to Syria was secret and limited, if the muscular and official aid in recent months as falsely been labeled by the West as means to slaughter moderate rebels and civilians, now, with the S-400 Triumph in place, only Russia decides what can happen in Syria. That is true to the point that the US has also canceled today (November 29th) all flights over Syrian airspace. And not a single more unfounded accusation over civilian deaths (allegedly victims of Russian bombings) was made by the Western media and politicians! That dirty propaganda is gone! If Putin had put the king in check in the early stages of the game, by introducing the S-400 Triumph, the US would have possibly thrown the chessboard off the table and triggered a nuclear conflict. Wisely playing in the defensive, but analyzing many moves in advance, Putin indeed managed to bring the S-400 Triumph into Syria territory, while Barack Obush humbly complied with Putin decisions.

From now on Putin is the one who gives orders, Putin is the one who makes lectures, Putin is the one entitled to pronounce warnings. All this without ever threat NATO and its members, unlike these. All this without firing a single time against NATO members, unlike these! Bravo Putin, bravo!!!

Luís Garcia, Lampang, Thailand, 29.11.2015


 * – updates made on November 2nd

(This English version was published on 01.12.2015. I apologize for my basic English. That was the best I could do translating my article originally written in Portuguese. Anyway, the important is that the message is understandable to English speakers. Thank you!)

(The most importants sources used to write this article were: VoltaireNet, Russia Today and Telesur. Also very useful where the facebook pages of many Syrian media such as SANA, Al-Masdar NewsSyrian News and Syrian Republic, among several other brave productions.)


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